About us

Dear Friends!

We are truly excited to announce the official start of our website

Our aim is to introduce you to the world of Korean Skincare and bring you the best of its beauty products!

Join us to learn all about the famous skincare routine that has taken over the West by storm and let us begin by telling you why we love Korean beauty products:

  • With its innovative methods and natural ingredients the Korean approach respects the skin and has been proven to show visible results!
  • These products have ultra cute packaging that you will just adore!
  • They are super fun to use!
  • Last but not least the price tag wont break your budget!

What’s not to love? There is so much more and we are excited to take you on an unforgettable journey in discovering the world of Korean skincare!

It’s from our personal experience we know that it can be a little overwhelming at first but don’t worry - we have made it our personal mission to help and guide you in the right direction! We worked extra hard to create skincare routine sets that are easy to follow and are customised to your skin’s unique needs. Plus there is no rule that says you have to follow all these steps on a daily basis. We say listen to what your skin tells you and let us help you create a process that works best for you.

Most importantly we want to show you that skincare does not have to be that boring ‘have-to-do’ task - with Korean beauty products it is an enjoyable process, where you get to perfect your skin while also having FUN!

With Love,

Team iamsopretty