To give your skin an extra boost 1 or 2 a week treat yourself to these extras that are a true testament of the commitment to Korean skincare. 


Sheet masks are the soul of the Korean skin care routine. These thin cotton (as well as other types such as hydrogel) sheets are moistened in a liquid based formula have become the lazy girl’s facial. 

HOW TO USE: Apply a sheet mask once or twice a week (or more - there is no such a thing as overdoing sheet masks) after your toner step and enjoy the meditative and skin nourishing ritual that provides maximum treatment to your skin while you chill out for 15-20 (or more depending on how dry your skin is at the time) minutes. Once your skin has absorbed all the goodness of the sheet mask remove it and without washing it off gently tab the remaining liquid all over your face. At that point you may just go to bed or if you wish continue with your night time routine. 

TIP: Do not waste all that goodness! Squeeze out the remaining liquid from the pack and apply on your neck and body. 

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Modeling rubber masks are used in top Korean skin spas and are a step-up from a regular face mask. When applied on your face, a thin layer of rubber fully conforms to the shape of your face, allowing mineral-rich nutrients to be absorbed without the risk of evaporation. The effect of a rubber mask is an instant radiance to your complexion, soothing of irritated skin and force feeding your pores intense moisture for lasting hydration. 

HOW TO USE: Pour water into the rubber mask cup up until the marked line. Mix well with included spatula until it forms into a paste like formula. Spread a thin and even layer onto clean and dry skin starting with the cheeks, chin, forehead and finishing with the nose. Make sure to apply a thicker layer toward the edges of the face and it will make it easier to lift and peel off afterwards. Leave it on for 10-15 minutes until the mask becomes a solid, rubbery texture. Gently peel off the mask and wipe away any residue with a toner. Follow with your regular skincare. 

TIP: For an extra treatment apply your favourite serum or ampoule under the rubber mask

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Clay masks are designed for oily and combination skin types and concerns such as blackheads and excess sebum. In the summer or humid weather deep cleanse your skin using a clay mask to help you draw out debts from pores. 

HOW TO USE: Apply this clay mask after steps 1 and 2 all over your face, leave it on for 10-15 minutes then rinse with lukewarm water. 

TIP: For a 2 OR 3 in 1 treatment mix in 2-3 drops of your serum AND/OR ampoule into your mask, apply on your face and let the magic work. 

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Make the most out of your ‘beauty sleep’ by applying a sleeping cream packed with beneficial ingredients to wake up with revitalised and fully hydrated skin. 

HOW TO USE: Once a week, treat yourself by applying a sleeping pack (instead of your regular moisturiser) during your night time care. 

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